Invest in Aichi-Nagoya
Acceleration Initiative
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Invest in Aichi -Nagoya
Acceleration Initiative Gateway to Japanese Innovation

This is a project to promote the entry and establishment of foreign and foreign-affiliated companies in Aichi Prefecture and Nagoya City in order to create innovation, revitalize industry, and expand employment. The INVEST IN AICHI-NAGOYA CONSORTIUM, established by Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City, and local support organizations, will take the lead in this project.

*INVEST IN AICHI-NAGOYA CONSORTIUM was established on March 25, 2022, with the aim of fostering innovation, revitalizing industries, and expanding employment in Aichi Prefecture and Nagoya City. It is composed of Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City, Nagoya Industries Promotion Corporation and Nagoya University.

AICHI-NAGOYA Heart of japan

Why Aichi/Nagoya?

An industrial capital and leading manufacturing center right in the heart of Japan.


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