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Personal Information Protection Policy

The official website of INVEST IN AICHI-NAGOYA CONSORTIUM (hereinafter referred to as the "Consortium") will appropriately collect, use and manage personal information in accordance with the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" (hereinafter referred to as the "Act") as follows.

1 What is personal information?

Personal information is information about an individual, such as address, name, telephone number, e-mail address, etc., that can be used to identify a specific individual. Personal information includes information that can be cross-checked with other information to identify a specific individual.

2 Scope of Application

This policy applies only to this site and does not apply to other sites linked to this site. The handling of information on linked sites is the responsibility of the respective organizations.

3 Collection of Personal Information

When collecting personal information, the purpose for which the personal information will be used will be clarified in advance.
Personal information will be collected only to the extent necessary to achieve that purpose.
When the Consortium collects personal information through the Website, in principle, the information shall be provided (registered) by the users themselves.

4 Use and provision of personal information

The Consortium will use the personal information provided (registered) by users within the scope of the following purposes of use.
・Address, name, telephone number, and e-mail address: For contact purposes
・Company name, title, and other information necessary to provide services: To provide services at online seminars, online matching, invitation events, consultation services, etc.
・Address, passport number, date of birth: To arrange flights and accommodations for the invitation
Personal information will not be used or provided for any purpose other than those stipulated in the "Act".

5 Management of Personal Information

We will take appropriate measures to prevent leakage, misuse, and falsification of personal information collected from you.
The operation of this website may be outsourced, and appropriate measures will be taken by the outsourcing company as well.
Personal information that is no longer required to be retained will be promptly deleted.

6 Information of users that does not contain personal information

This website automatically collects information such as Internet domain names, IP addresses, and the environment in which this website is viewed (hereinafter referred to as "User Information").
The User Information collected is limited to the content for the purpose of improving the usability of the Site, and will be used only within the scope of such purpose.
Such information will be used as operational information on the Consortium's server for the purpose of analyzing site usage, improving services, etc., but will not be used to collect or analyze personal information.

7 Handling of Cookies, etc.

Cookies are used on this site to allow users to more conveniently browse the site when they visit, and to obtain information to continually improve the site.
Cookies are pieces of information sent to your browser from a server related to the operation of this site and stored on your computer. However, the recorded information does not include any personally identifiable information such as your address, name, or telephone number.
In addition, there is no direct negative impact on the user's computer. We may use cookies from third-party companies to which we outsource our services in order to understand the access status of each page.
It is possible for users to refuse to receive cookies by adjusting their browser settings.
Even in this case, there will be no major obstacles to browse this site.
For information on how to configure your browser settings, please contact the help function of your software or the manufacturer of your software.
In order to use this site, you must consent to the use of cookies in accordance with this policy.
You may withdraw your consent at any time.

(2) SSL

To improve the level of security, some of the services on this site use SSL encrypted communication.
To use such services, your web browser must be compatible with 128-bit SSL.
By using a web browser that supports security features, personal information such as your real name, address, or telephone number is automatically encrypted before it is sent or received.
Even in the unlikely event that a third party intercepts the transmitted data, there is no need to worry about the contents being stolen.
Please note that you may not be able to use this page depending on your firewall or other settings.

(3) Social Networking Services (SNS)

Some social networking services (SNS) may automatically transmit user IDs, access sites, and other information to the SNS when you visit a web page with SNS buttons, etc., even if you do not press the buttons, etc. For details, please refer to the following link.
For the privacy policies of the SNS services used by the Consortium, please refer to the websites of the respective companies.

(4) Embedding YouTube videos

When you visit a website that embeds YouTube video content, the URL of the accessed page and the user's IP address will be automatically sent to Google from the relevant web browser.
For details, please refer to the following links.

Privacy Policy for Personal Data of persons located in the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom

INVEST IN AICHI-NAGOYA CONSORTIUM (hereinafter referred to as "the Consortium") recognizes the importance of protecting Personal Data obtained through the services provided by the Invest in Aichi-Nagoya Acceleration Initiative (hereinafter referred to as "the Project") and will manage such data appropriately.
This Privacy Policy describes the processing of Personal Data of users located in the EU member states, the European Economic Area ("EEA"), consisting of Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein and the United Kingdom. For the processing of Personal Data of users located outside of these regions, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

1 Personal Data Controller

The controller will be the Consortium.

2 Personal Data to be acquired

(1) The Consortium will acquire and handle all or part of the following Personal Data

①Personal Data provided by users when contacting the Consortium

Personal Data provided by users when using the application form on the Site

②Personal Data provided in connection with the use of the services provided by the Consortium (whether online or offline)

Personal Data provided by users in connection with their use of the services provided by the Consortium

③Personal Data provided by users in connection with the accommodation and flight arrangements for the purpose of the Consortium's invitation of users to the Event.

Personal Data provided by users in connection with accommodation and flight arrangement appointed by the Consortium

④Questionnaire information

Personal Data included in responses to questionnaires conducted for research purposes by the Consortium or third parties to whom the Consortium entrusts the Project.

⑤Communication records

Correspondence records when users contact the contact information, etc. listed on the website.

⑥Information obtained through the use of the website

Detailed information obtained when users visit the website, information obtained through cookies and other tracking technologies.

(2) Examples of Personal Data to be provided in the above cases are as follows

・Company name and title
・Address, telephone number
・E-mail address
・Passport number, date of birth
・Other information necessary to provide services

3 Purposes of Personal Data Handling

The Consortium will use Personal Data for the following purposes and will handle it only to the extent necessary to achieve these purposes

(1) To communicate with or provide information to users

(2) To implement and manage services, events, seminars, etc., for which users have applied.

(3) To conduct questionnaires regarding services, events, seminars, etc. in which users participated and to ascertain the results

(4) To make reservations for accommodations and flights to be used by participants in invited events

(5) To match users with companies with which they have requested contact

(6) To achieve other purposes of use that were clearly indicated at the time the Personal Data of the user was obtained.

4 Legal Basis for Handling Personal Data

The Consortium protects the Personal Data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and the UK Data Protection Act (hereinafter collectively both referred to as "Data Protection Act") by handling it only to the extent necessary for the purposes described in 3. The Consortium will handle users' Personal Data on one of the following legal bases

(1) Consent

The user has given his/her consent to the processing of his/her Personal Data

(2) Performance of a Contract

The processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the user is a party or for the performance of a procedure at the request of the user prior to the conclusion of the contract.

(3) Legal Obligations

When processing is necessary to comply with legal obligations to which the Consortium is subject

(4) Public Interest

The processing is necessary in the public interest or for the performance of duties performed in the exercise of official authority granted to the Consortium

5 Sharing of Personal Data Necessary for the Provision of Services

The Consortium may share users' Personal Data with third parties. When sharing users' Personal Data with third parties, the Consortium requires that the Personal Data be handled in accordance with an agreement that stipulates that the information will be protected, that it will be handled in accordance with data protection laws, and that the information will only be used in accordance with the Consortium's instructions.

(1) Business Contractors

When the Consortium subcontracts work to third parties (including subcontractors) in connection with the management and operation of the site, the planning and operation of events, etc..

(2) Companies, etc. that the Consortium supports or collaborates with in the Project

When the user agrees to the provision of his/her Personal Data to enterprises and related organizations, etc. that the Consortium supports or collaborates with in the Project.

(3) Parties (lecturers, etc.) involved in services, events, seminars, etc. for which the user has applied

Cases in which a party (such as a lecturer of a seminar or an organization to which the lecturer belongs) involved in the service, event, seminar, etc. for which the user has applied needs to handle Personal Data in the course of performing its duties in conducting the service, event, seminar, etc. in question.

6 Retention and Transfer of Personal Data

The Consortium is located in Japan, and as a general rule, third parties handling Personal Data relating to users as described in Section 5 are also located in Japan, the EEA or the United Kingdom. Japan has been certified by the European Commission as adequate for the protection of Personal Data. The Consortium will comply with the requirements of data protection law, including the Japan-EU Sufficiency Certification and the relevant Japanese laws, when providing Personal Data to third parties, and will clearly state the legal basis for any transfer outside the EEA to a region that has not been certified by the European Commission as sufficient. If you would like more information about where we hold your Personal Data or about transfers, please contact us at the address given in Section 17.

7 Retention Period of Personal Data

The Consortium will retain Personal Data collected from users during the period of service. After the service ends, the Personal Data concerning the user will be deleted.

8 Requests regarding the handling of Personal Data

Users have the following rights with respect to the Personal Data held by the Consortium with respect to them

(1) The right to obtain confirmation as to whether or not the information collected and processed by the Consortium is being handled, and if so, the right to access such information, etc. By exercising this right, you may receive a copy of your Personal Data.

(2) The right to request correction of information collected and processed by the Consortium if it is inaccurate.

(3) The right to request erasure of information collected and processed by the Consortium.

(4) The right to request restrictions on the handling of information collected and processed by the Consortium

(5) The right to object to the processing of information collected and processed by the Consortium

(6) The right to withdraw consent to the handling of Personal Data on the basis of the user's consent (however, the Consortium will continue to handle the user's Personal Data if another legal basis can be relied upon).

Users may exercise their rights by contacting the contact listed in Section 17. If the user is not satisfied with the response of the Consortium to his/her request, or if he/she believes that his/her Personal Data has been improperly handled, he/she has the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

9 Scope of Application

This Privacy Policy with respect to the website applies only to this website and does not apply to other websites linked to this website.
The handling of information on linked sites is the responsibility of the respective organizations.

10 Sources of Personal Data

The Consortium obtains Personal Data directly from users

11 Cookies

The Consortium may collect information (cookies) that the user's browser sends when the user accesses the Consortium's services. This information may include the Internet Protocol address of the user's computer (e.g., IP address), browser type, browser version, the Site visited by the user, date and time of visit, time spent on these pages and other diagnostic data. Users may instruct their browsers to reject all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. However, if users do not accept cookies, they may not be able to use some of the Consortium's services. Please refer to "About Cookies" for more information.

12 Disclosure for Law Enforcement Purposes

Under certain circumstances, the Consortium may be required to disclose users' Personal Data if required to do so by law or in response to valid requests by public authorities (such as a court or government agency).

13 Legal Requests

The Consortium may disclose users' Personal Data if it believes in good faith that such action is necessary to

(1) To comply with legal obligations

(2) To protect and defend the rights or property of the Consortium

(3) To prevent or investigate fraudulent activities related to the services of the Site.

(4) To protect the safety of users of the services on the Site or the public.

(5) To protect against legal liability.p>

14 Data Security

The Consortium will take appropriate organizational and technical security measures to protect users' Personal Data using commercially acceptable means and to prevent unauthorized use, loss or alteration of Personal Data.

15 Links to Other Sites

The Site may contain links to other sites that are not operated by the Consortium. When users click on a third party link, they will be directed to that third party site. The Consortium recommends that you review the privacy policies of all sites you visit.
The Consortium has no control over, and accepts no responsibility for, the content, privacy policies or practices of any third party sites or services.

16 Changes to this Privacy Policy

The Consortium may update this Policy from time to time. Any changes will be communicated to users by posting the new Privacy Policy on this page.

17 Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or the exercise of your rights, please contact the following

(Investment and Trade Division, Industry Department, Bureau of Economy and Industry, Aichi Prefectural Government)

To prevent spam mail, @ is written as (at). Please correct (at) to @ before sending your message.